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We’ve charted our first journey, from London to Shanghai, in blue on the map below. The green line shows the route we are following from Shanghai home, to Cape Town. We’ve tacked a rather lengthy dogleg* onto our second overland journey: Mumbai to Shanghai with a single flight, from Calcutta to Bangkok. It’s marked in red.

If you’d like to see our posts charted on a map, browse Old World Wandering by region. You can click on the markers to open individual posts.

*20 months, to be precise. We flew from Shanghai to Mumbai on 16 January 2011 and, after zig-zagging wildly, we finally made it back on 20 September 2012.

Please wait while the map loads. It’s best viewed full screen – just click on on the button below Terrain near the top right corner. There’s a key below.


Blue line: London to Shanghai Overland
June 2006 – December 2007
Distance travelled overland: 35,000 km
Total distance travelled: 39,000 km

Red line: A Lengthy Detour: Mumbai to Shanghai
January 2011 – September 2012
Distance travelled overland: 21,800 km
Total distance travelled: 24,300 km

Green line: Shanghai to Cape Town Overland
September 2012 – ?
Distance travelled overland: ?
Total distance travelled: ?

2 Responses to “The Map”

  1. Anderson says:

    Hey Iain & Claire,

    We were looking for your planned itinerary for this trip, what countries and such, which we swore we had seen before… but we've failed to find it! Think you could tip us off as to where that information is lurking?

    Thanks, and we're loving reading about your adventures as always!

    Anderson & Liz

  2. Iain Manley says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Anderson. We've updated the map and I've fixed the broken link to our itinerary.

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