“Old World Wandering consistently puts out some of the best travel writing around. That the whole thing is done by two people on a shoestring makes it all the more incredible.”

Aaron Lammer, Longform.org

“Old World Wandering is taking a new and refreshing approach to travel writing, creating a travelogue that offers sharp, detailed long-form narratives.”

Henry Lane Fox, The Browser

“Thoughtful, well-written slow travel writing with a strong sense of history and culture is hard to find nowadays—here’s one place where it reliably can be found.”

Daisann McLane, National Geographic Traveller

“Old World Wandering is a happy marriage of unusual locations, good writing and an infective love of travel, grounded in a real understanding not only of the places they write about, but of the nature and delights of journeys themselves.”

Alec Ash (@alecash)

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