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A dragon protects a gate at Hue's citadeI

Catfish, no Mandala

Short-changed, shoo-ed out of shops and fleeced by taxi drivers: Vietnam can be hard to like, but why should that matter?


Where to for travel writing?

As part of Old World Wandering’s Kickstarter project, I’m interviewing three people about travel, writing and how they intersect in the topsy-turvy present. Last week I [...]

The Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, dedicated to Brahma

A journey across the road

In his novel Travels with My Aunt, Graham Greene tells the story of a bookmaker who has spent his entire working life at a racetrack, [...]

Fishermen float by on an green jade Nam Khan

Paying Homage to Henri Mouhot

When Henri Mouhot travelled to Luang Prabang, he was the first white man to enter Laos in 25 years. He died beside the Nam Khan, where a tomb stands as a testament to his journey and his journals, “scribbled generally by the light of a torch, and on my knees at the foot of a tree.”

A fish tank in Bangkok's Chinatown

A Letter from Thailand

The censor didn’t deliver the letter, and through every promotion and every move, he made sure that he received the 95 that followed – and that the businessman’s mother, who must have thought herself abandoned by an ungrateful son, received none of these letters from Thailand.


A Bombay Beer Bar

I started going to the beer bars because I was puzzled. I couldn’t figure out why men would want to spend colossal amounts of money [...]