Ulan Bator

In Ulan Bator, with just five days to go

Sanbanor! We’re finding our feet in Ulan Bator, where we arrived on the Trans-Mongolian two days ago. It’s a surprising city, where dirt roads, ger [...]


Where to for travel writing

The three interviews connected to our Kickstarter project started with Graham Boynton, a magazine and newspaper editor. My second subject was Rolf Potts, whose career [...]


Where to for travel writing?

As part of Old World Wandering’s Kickstarter project, I’m interviewing three people about travel, writing and how they intersect in the topsy-turvy present. Last week I [...]

Graham Boynton

Where to for travel writing?

Editor at Conde Nast Traveler and Group Travel Editor at the Daily Telegraph, Graham Boynton says “the greatest crisis facing travel writing [is] the dumbing down of the genre.”