Krishna and his sidekick Garuda

Ancient Angkor: Stories in the Stone

The history of the Khmer Empire is written in the ruins at Angkor, from ancient Roluos to Hindu Angkor Wat & the Buddhist Bayon

Skulls in the Choeung Ek Memorial Stupa

Atrocity Tourism in Phnom Penh

The ethical consequences of dark tourism are ambiguous, especially in Phnom Penh, because the Killing Fields and S-21′s extermination camp are monuments to violence as well as its victims.


A Blood Buffet in the Cambodian Jungle

Hirudo orientalis has two heads, two sets of reproductive organs and nine pairs of testes. Hiding deep in Cambodia’s jungles, it waits for unsuspecting animals [...]

Thom-Ma-Cheat Guesthouse, Chi Phat

A no-frills eco-lodge If your journey to Chi Phat is an all-day affair like ours – on bakkies, boats, tuktuks and buses before finally clambering [...]

Royal Guest House, Phnom Penh

Where the customer really is king Royal Guesthouse is a welcome relief – depending on where you’ve come from, of course. After overnight treks and [...]

Tropical Breeze Guesthouse, Siem Reap

Finding a pool is a breeze A ten minute walk away from the crowded, neon, beggar-patrolled ‘Pub Street’ that is Siem Reap’s tourist centre, Tropical [...]

Royal Hotel, Battambang

A pleasant roof terrace above an unremarkable cheapie No relation to Phnom Penh’s Royal Guesthouse, this is a comfortable choice with hotel-wide WiFi and a [...]