Photos of Damascus

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  1. Topher says:

    i dont want to be a smart arse, but according to Wikipedia that is not King Richard the Lionheart.

    "Behind the horse kneel two crusaders, Guy of Lusignan and Raynald of Châtillon."

    Feel free to prove me wrong

  2. Iain Manley says:

    You're right Topher. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

    When we first came across the statue, somebody told us one of the crusaders was Richard the Lionheart, and that his position at the horse's rump symbolised Saladin's victory. In fact, Saladin never conclusively defeated Richard's army. The two men were locked in a stalemate, and Richard chose to leave the Holy Land when he realised he could never take and hold Jerusalem, which was lost by the crusaders four years before Richard arrived.

    The two men apparently held each other in high regard – so much so, that Richard suggested the marriage of his sister to Saladin's brother. The couple would rule over Palestine, and be given Jerusalem as a wedding present. Richard thought the union would lead to peace between Muslims and Christians, in 1192!

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