Travel Photos of Vientiane

The altar at Wat Si Muang is an overcrowded, asymmetrical jumble of gods, animals, plastic flowers and lucky charms. On the edges of its bottom tier, wrought iron dragon heads curl out and long elephant tusks curl in, framing five golden, seated Buddhas with hair ending in sharp, conical tips, along with a sixth, carved from stone, with the Bodhi tree in intricate relief forming a canopy over his head and gold leaf pressed into the crevices of his robe.

From The Chinese of Vientiane, by Iain

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  1. Daovieng Norath says:

    Thank you for the pics of Laos. I hope you had a nice time in Laos. I am from Vientiane originally. I now live in Newcastle, New SOuth Wales, Australia. I like the kids playing at That Luang Stupa best. If you have any questions about Laos please ask. Daovieng

  2. Daovieng Norath says:

    Did you try the icecream sold by a young lady in the city area opposite the Korean supermarket, deeelicious!! daovieng

  3. Daovieng Norath says:

    I am from Vieng Chanh or Vien Tiane as some falangs would call it! Sorry for taking the piss! I hope you don't mind! In all my life I have been to LB once, and I think Im one of the more previleged! How do u like LB? DV

  4. Daovieng Norath says:

    Maybe it's the same chain becoz she said they were just starting out then (Nov 2010). You guys look like a nice couple, you must b very tolerant takin in all the cultures!

  5. Daovieng Norath says:

    I hope to b in Vientiane in April this year.

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