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  1. Iain and Claire,

    We are really impressed with your oldworldwandering website and learned a lot from what you have written. Currently my family and me is preparing the overland journey to Malaysia via 35 countries within 75 days.

    Our initial planned is to travel from the UK and all the way to Turkey then enter Syria for Jordan and Saudi Arabia. With current situation in Syria, we need to reroute to Geogia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Then cross to Turkmenistan and eastbound.

    We hope to keep in touch with you and get some advice for get most from this adventure.

    Jamal & family

    • Hi Jamal and family,

      Thank you for getting in touch. I'm very glad to hear that you gained something from reading Old World Wandering. Your journey sounds like a real adventure! We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Turkey and are looking forward to travelling slowly through the country again early next year. Of course, we'd be happy to share any knowledge that would be useful for you. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia are still uncharted territory for us, but I'm sure we can help with some of the other 32 countries! Feel free to email me if you've got some particular questions –

      All the best,
      Claire and Iain

  2. B S Nagaraj says:


    Thoroughly enjoyed your piece which I stumbled upon during my research for a visit to Gokarna towards the end of December. I would have liked to go there during the "off-season" so as to be able to experience Gokarna like you did, but will try to make the best of it.



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