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Iain and Claire
August 2011

13 Responses to “Bookmark”

  1. Merijn and Anouk says:

    Two travellers from Holland, we found your bookmark in Chongqing,

    China. We’ ve been travelling together from 2003 on, half a year, four

    Months, whenever we can. Did some awesome trips like transmongolian

    Railway, amsterdam- dakar challenge, a d choose to go to less developed

    Countries like Bangladesh, papua and the beautiful Birma. We’ve visited

    29 countries outside of Europe together, and have a lot more wishes. !

    Now we’ re heading for Chengdu, afterwards Tibet. Looking forward to it!!

    Love the idea behind the bookmark! Seeya, merijn and anouk

    • Iain Manley says:

      Hi Merjin and Anouk,

      Thank you for being the first to report finding a bookmark. We only left Chongqing yesterday, so we could have met and shared beers along with travel stories. Twenty nine countries outside of Europe is an impressive figure indeed!

      If you have time, try going from Chendgu to Shangri-La along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Claire and I travelled from Kathmandu to Lhasa at the end of our last journey, to Shanghai, and we thought Western Sichuan, which we just travelled through, on our way to Chengdu and Chongqing, was a more interesting, more real experience than Tibet proper. You don't have to form a silly group and the government is not nearly as involved in the lives of ordinary people. It is also beautiful, but not a stark as Tibet proper.

  2. Merijn and Anouk says:

    A Coincidence indeed! However we will go to Lhasa by train, and a group are also two people! So we will still be travelling together… I' m sure over land is great, but we love trains.

    Hope to mail you some more later ! Bye

  3. sophy litvin says:


    Found the bookmark in shangrila. I'm from israel. Started the trip in russia and today going to vietnam. My first big trip, just finished the army. Enjoying every second of it :-)

    • Iain Manley says:

      Hi Sophy. Thanks for reporting your find, and enjoy Vietnam. We passed through Shangri-La going in the other direction: we crossed from Vietnam into China at the Lao Cai-Hekou border and made our way north from there. How are you getting to Vietnam?

  4. sophy litvin says:


    went through the same border and met my sister in sapa and we headed south. Right now booked our diving in nha trang :-)

  5. Bats says:

    Hi. Found the bookmark while nipping into 'Joma' bakery cafe in Hanoi. A nice place to get away from the madness & get online/read for awhile.

    Hope the trip is going well. I am from Cornwall, UK, & currently on a 5 week work trip- Singapore-Johor-Hanoi-HK-Dubai.

    Thanks for the bookmark.

  6. Hi Bats,

    Joma cafe is, indeed, a great place to get online, read – and write. We are here today too, sitting outside, so you must have walked right past us! Thanks for reporting your find.

  7. Cass & Kieran says:

    We found this bookmark in ShangriLa, China on our way to Szechuan Province. We are from Australia. This is a great idea!

  8. Anna says:

    Hello guys! I found your bookmark in Joma (the best coffee and veggie pizza in Luang Prabang!). I'm russian, living in Laos for the last year, working as a tour leader for new zealand based company, so my accent is pretty mixed up at that point) Will keep your bookmark in my collection (i've got 5 difefrent ones already), thanks.

  9. Iain Manley says:

    Cass & Kieran,

    How was Sichuan? We made our way through the west of the province after leaving Shangri-La. It was hypnotisingly beautiful in places, but a few of the bus journeys were back-breaking.

  10. Anna says:

    one from Hanoi, one from Batambang, one from Bangkok, 2 from Luang Prabang, 1 from NYC, 1 from Split, Croatia, i read a lot and travel from time to time, and i'm always in need for bookmarks, so i just pick up any from any place i'm in now. Luang Prabang is a good place to be, will look for your faces at the night market crowd)

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