Royal Hotel, Battambang

By Claire vd Heever Jan 9, 2012

A pleasant roof terrace above an unremarkable cheapie

No relation to Phnom Penh’s Royal Guesthouse, this is a comfortable choice with hotel-wide WiFi and a shaded roof terrace to while away an afternoon online – or, if your timing is as good as mine, see a bit of holiday romance brewing. The friendly little restaurant directly opposite the hotel serves very reasonably priced food with complimentary fruit. Unlike the Royal Guesthouse in Phnom Penh, service isn’t a focus but – in what seems to be a Battambang tradition – you will get a pretty, locally-made scarf upon leaving.

Cost: Seven US dollars for a double, with fan, en suite bathroom. Thirteen dollars for a more fancily decorated room with air con.

Finding it: City centre, Battambang. (See map below.)

Contact: +855 (0) 16 912034

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