Good Time Resort, Koh Mak

By Claire vd Heever Sep 13, 2011

Good Time Resort, Koh Mak, Thailand
There are many things that Iain and I will always remember about Koh Mak: the colour of the water, the bright blue angel fish I saw while snorkelling in the marine park, the sunsets, and Good Time Resort’s elegant Thai style villas set in a tropical garden, which we hope to fill with friends in the future. Then there was George.

Adorable George, a friendly Koh Mak stray
George is a stray dog who became our most loyal friend on Koh Mak. She wasn’t particularly feminine – a bit of a tomboy, really – so we called her George, a nickname for Georgina. Good Time Resort has a couple of dogs of its own, including Happy, a loving Labrador, and a Golden Retriever who spends most of her days swimming off the coast of nearby Koh Rayang Island before returning home in the evenings by boat. People regularly talk about finding a guesthouse that feels like a home, but this was a first for me. Returning to our beautifully furnished villa in the evenings to enjoy sundowners on the balcony, with George at my feet, are happy memories that I suspect will stay with me for a long time.


A villa room at Good Time Resort on Koh Mak
The rooms and the villas are all immaculately kept and beautifully furnished with dark wood and brightly coloured textiles. Their rustic look is complemented by lots of attention to detail: you’ll find a well-stocked fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, umbrellas outside your door when it rains and flower petals on your pillow at night.


  • Swimming pool
  • Massage & Spa
  • WIFI and DVD library (DVD players in the rooms)
  • Playground
  • Basic self catering facilities (fridge, kettle)
  • Restaurant-bar

Pros and Cons

  • Attractive rooms and location | Not a beachside location
  • Professional service
  • Family friendly


  • Book a room in advance so that staff can arrange a speedboat and pick-up from the pier. The boats to the island only run at certain times of the day and booking in advance is necessary during busy times of year.
  • If you’re thinking of going on a snorkelling trip, book it with Koh Mak Divers. The German owners –friends, as it happens, of the German-Thai couple that owns Good Time Resort – made our snorkelling trip memorable. You’ll battle to find guides who are as professional and as laid-back about how long you spend in the water.


The owners are active in the running the resort, so you can expect excellent service. Travel assistance is also available.


Prices from 1880 baht for a double room to 5800 baht for a three bedroom villa, depending on availability. (Check availability.)

Finding it

Getting to Koh Mak from the Thai mainland is fairly straightforward. The resort is between Suan Yai and Sai Khao beach. (See map below.) A pick-up service is available.

+66 (0) 39 501 000 or +66 85 058 7802 (mobile) | Email

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