Syri I Guesthouse, Vientiane

By Claire vd Heever Jun 25, 2011

Syri-1-Guesthouse-VientianeThree years later, and it’s home

An elegant old bedroom, huge mugs of local coffee, a balcony with chilled beers and Vientiane’s Old World charm kept us in the Laotian capital for much longer than we expected. Mr B and the owners chuckled every time we postponed our departure, until we simply gave up trying to set a leaving date. They had seen this happen before: our neighbour was a Frenchman who fell in love with lazy Laos when he arrived at Syri I Guesthouse three years ago – he still hasn’t left and, as far as we know, never plans to.

Cost: 70 000 kip for a double room with fan and separate bathroom.

Finding it: On the corner of Rue Saigon and Rue du Puits. (See map below.)

Contact: +856 (0)21 212 682

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