Hotel Natraj, Ahmedabad

By Claire vd Heever Jun 15, 2011

Laughably neglected, but cheap.

When we saw the state of the bathroom at this crumbling old place, Iain declared: “I’m happy if a hotel has one redeeming feature and here, it’s the view.” It was a lovely view. From the room’s balcony, we looked onto a centuries-old mosque and its pretty garden. I would have preferred it, however, if the bathroom has not been attached, so I didn’t have to look at the blackened toilet or the crusts of grime on the bathroom walls when I lay in bed.

Cost: 220 rupees (fixed price) for a double room with fan and attached bathroom.

Finding it: Near the well known Lal Darwaja bus stand and next door to the lesser-known Sidi Saiyad mosque. (See map below.)

Contact: +91 79 (0) 2550 6048

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